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Reasons Why Your AC is Blowing Warm Air

Hot air blowing from your vents may seem like a minor inconvenience in the short term, but it can become a serious problem if not taken care of. Whether you’re suffering from this issue or want to prevent it from happening, we’ll explain everything you need to know about why your AC is blowing warm.

Low Refrigerant

The most common reason that your air conditioning system is blowing warm air is that you have a low refrigerant level. This is usually caused by a leak in the system. If you have a leak and it’s not fixed immediately, your system will lose all of its refrigerants and not work at all.

If your unit is blowing warm air, there could be a leak somewhere in the system. To fix this issue, get an HVAC technician who provides a/c services to inspect your system and find out where the leak is. They will then be able to repair the AC or replace any damaged parts.

Condensate Drain Line Is Clogged or Faulty

When you run your air conditioner, the condenser coils outside your home absorb heat from the air inside. This heat needs to be removed from the system so that it does not damage any of the components in your unit. The condensate drain line runs from your outdoor unit to a drain in your yard. If this line becomes clogged or otherwise damaged, it will prevent water from leaving your unit and can cause an overflow onto the ground.

To avoid this problem, ensure that you have an air conditioner repair South Florida service address any leaks in your condensate drain line before you turn on your air conditioner for the summer. It may also be worth having them install an automatic shutoff valve if no one is already installed on your system’s drain line.

Coil Malfunction

The condenser coils in an air conditioning south Florida are responsible for removing heat from inside your home and transferring it outside into the atmosphere. If these coils fail, then they cannot transfer this heat out of your home and into the atmosphere, which will cause your AC to blow warm air instead of cool air. You should have these coils inspected by an air conditioner repair South Florida if you notice that your AC is blowing warm air when it’s supposed to be cooling down your home.

Dirty Air Filter

One of the most common reasons why your AC isn’t cooling is because it has a dirty air filter. If you use your AC frequently and don’t clean or replace the air filter as needed, then dust and other debris will build up on the filter and block airflow. This means that your system won’t be able to cool down properly, which means that you’ll feel hot instead of cool air coming from your vents when you turn on the AC.

To fix this problem, all you need to do is change out your old filter for a new one. If you don’t want to spend money on buying new ones all the time, consider using washable filters instead so that you can just wash them off when they get dirty instead of having to buy new ones over time or get a/c services every time.

Compressor Failure

If your compressor isn’t working properly, it won’t be able to cool your home properly. This can lead to overheating, which can damage other parts of your system and your home through excessive moisture buildup inside walls, insulation, and more. If you suspect your compressor has failed, call an HVAC technician immediately — it could save you from costly repairs later on down the road.

In the end, it should go without saying that you should always call your SOS A/C Services professionals the first time around when you start having issues with your air conditioning unit.

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