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Pro tip: turn your AC unit to 78 degrees, do not turn it off. You should not completely shut off your AC unit while you’re not home. AC units are designed to be ran regularly.  When they are off for a long time, mechanical parts can fail and operate poorly when put back into regular use. If your AC unit is left off for a long time, humidity can rise in your home, creating conditions allowing for mold to grow and your home may have undesirable odors.

Remember to change your AC filters at least once a month. Dust and other dirt particles will accumulate while you’re away and can circulate through your AC system and ductwork. Minimize the amount of dust by thoroughly cleaning or replacing your air conditioner’s filter before going away. Not only will you save money on your electric bill, but you’ll also breathe cleaner air and maintain the integrity of your AC unit.

Next, you should try to keep sunlight out and make sure that all doors and windows are properly sealed. This will help maintain the temperature inside your home, reducing the amount of time needed for your AC system to cool the house. Your AC will also work a lot less and save you, the homeowner, approximately 20-30% on your cooling cost.

By ensuring that you follow all of the above tips, you can avoid repair bills and costly repairs in the future. Homeowners, like yourself, can also avoid expensive repairs by having a service agreement or preventative maintenance agreement for their AC system. These contracts provide regular service, maintenance, inspections and more to help you prolong the life of your comfort system.

SOS A/C Service is an AC Contractor in Plantation, FL offering many services. These services include AC repairs, AC services, AC maintenances, AC installations, AC replacements, AC tune ups, ductwork repairs, ductwork replacement, ductwork installation, leak repairs, refrigerant recharge, and energy-efficient equipment upgrades, etc.. Call SOS A/C Service for all your heating and cooling needs! We are here for you around the clock, 24/7!

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