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Coral Springs, Florida Air Conditioning Service

Coral Springs is one of the most popular places to live in South Florida. It is close to Miami but far enough away that you can enjoy that suburban lifestyle.

The challenge of living in Coral Springs is the hot and humid summers. We all face those days when the sun is beating down on us. Times like these are when you don’t want to have a breakdown on your HVAC unit. This affects the cold air in your home and a malfunction makes things worse.

SOS A/C Service is the number one HVAC contractors in Coral Springs. We service all of these communities and will help you address your heating and air conditioning issues quickly.

    Fast Response Times and Repairs

    One of the challenges, when you have breakdown, is the response times for any repairs. Many contractors are backed up and might not get to you for several weeks. You are forced to go through the misery of the heat with no escape.

    We can service and repair your unit within a matter of hours. Our technicians use the highest-quality parts and state-of-the-art technology on the job. You combine this with our knowledge and experience so we can get the job done fast.

    At SOS A/C Service, we will come out to your location within a matter of hours. Even during the hottest times of the year, we are flexible with your schedule including the weekends, evenings, and holidays. We understand the issues you are facing and are here to help. We offer 100% customer satisfaction on our quality of work.

    We service all brands of Air Conditioner units based on your preference:
    American Standard
    First Company
    RunTru by Trane

    For A/C Repair, Don't Wait til it's Too Late

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    Maintenance and Repairs

    Maintenance is something you will need to do periodically. It will extend the useful life of your HVAC unit. SOS A/C Service can perform all of the regular maintenance for you. We will come out to your location to diagnose, troubleshoot, and do everything to keep your unit running like new.

    You will see lower utility bills and have a system that works more efficiently. The odds are lower of having breakdowns by doing routine maintenance.

    SOS A/C Service is the best at air conditioning maintenance in Coral Springs. We do regular maintenance on all brands and will keep your system working smoothly. You can relax and never worry about sudden issues arising with us.

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    SOS A/C Service has five-star reviews for our quality, professionalism, and service. Call us today at 954-710-8746 (in Broward County) or 561-933-5786 (in West Palm Beach) and put our 35 years of experience to work for you. We are a family-owned and operated firm. Our goal is to give you exceptional service like no one else.

    We have two offices located in Plantation and Pompano Beach for your convenience for service in Coral Springs. Don’t wait by making the one call to help you with all of your heating and air conditioning issues.

    Repair Your AC Unit In Hours, Not Days!

    We pride ourselves on same day service & repairs. Call SOS A/C & Plumbing Services Inc. for service today.

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