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5 Reasons Why Your AC Takes So Long to Cool Down the House

During the hot summer months, you may look forward to getting home after a long day at work or the beach to relax in the air conditioning. However, if your air conditioning is taking a long time to cool down, you can feel uncomfortable and may even experience adverse effects on your health. Learn some reasons why your air conditioner may not be getting the house cool quickly enough.

1. Incorrect Unit Size

Your air conditioner may not be powerful enough to cover the square footage needed to cool down the entire house. Typically, when you purchase an air conditioning unit, the model will indicate how many square feet it can cover. Trying to stretch that amount can put unnecessary stress on the unit and can leave you feeling unpleasantly warm on hot days.

2. Single-Zone System

You may have a single-zone system for a large or multi-level house. Working with professionals in air conditioning in South Florida can help in determining the right system for your house’s needs. Depending upon the size and layout of your home, a single-zone system may have trouble keeping up with cooling down the whole house. A multi-zone system can also allow you to customize the temperature to differing needs and preferences throughout the living spaces.

3. Dirty, Broken or Malfunctioning Parts

Another possibility is that you need to schedule an appointment for AC repair in Sunrise FL. SOS A/C Inc. offers efficient air conditioning repair services. The experts can diagnose and treat the problem that is causing your house to stay warm for too long. Scheduling AC repair in Sunrise FL can reveal the need for repair or replacement of certain parts or the entire system. You might also learn that the system is simply in need of a good cleaning.

4. Allowing the House to Get Too Warm

While modern air conditioners are powerful, they cannot necessarily cool down areas, particularly large spaces, instantaneously. You might be letting the house get too hot, which means that the air conditioning is struggling to keep up. For example, you might turn the temperature up high at night or when you are out of the house. When you wake up in the morning or when you return home, the system has to work harder to bring the temperature down. The right A/C services can help you to establish a better balance between saving energy and staying cool.

5. Hot Temperatures Outside

When the weather outside is sweltering, your air conditioner might take longer to cool down the house. Professionals in A/C services can help you to find solutions, such as upgrading your current air conditioning system to a newer model. Choosing newer air conditioning in South Florida can also introduce you to more energy efficient units, thereby saving you money as well.

Staying cool, especially during the hot summers, is a necessity for your comfort and health. Contact us at SOS A/C Services Inc. to learn more and to book an appointment.

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